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    Net Lease or Full Service Lease with Maintenance ?

    Lone Star Locomoitve Leasing Offers both Net Lease Plan (you provide the maintenance and repairs) or Full Service Plan (we take care of all that at our expense). The choice is yours. We will work with you to find the plan that best serves you needs.

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    Why Lease from Lone Star Locomotive Leasing and sister companies ?

    Because you can trust us not only to keep our promises to you and your team , we will provide the best value in the industry. Since Tracy and Henry are the sole owners, decisions can be quickly reached and actions taken to meet your needs. Unlike many leasing companies we have a large team of highly skilled mechanics on staff and do not need to outsource repairs. We are also innovative in our approaches to meeting your needs. We now offer for well qualified clients a month to month lease package that doesn't lock you in for years when you need flexibility.

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    Can your company provide Maintenance contract ?

    Yes, we can provide all kinds of Maintenance on railroad rolling stock.  Our sister companies Superior Locomotive Repair LLC, Lone Star Locomotive Repair LLC and Gulf Coast Rail Service, Inc  provide maintenance contracts and emergency call out service to your site, all you have to be concerned with are operators and fuel, oil and water.


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    Why Lease instead of Purchase?

    Leasing provides many advantages to our customers; there is little cash outlay to get started, flexibility in length of term, and our maintenance contract reduces equipment related risk. We even offer month to month leasing for well qualified customers.

    Did you know that 100% of the locomotive lease cost is Tax deductable in the tax year used?

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    Can the Locomotives we lease be painted with our company colors and logos ?

    Yes, we offer to apply your company logos on our locomotives and also paint the units to match your company colors or paint scheme.  This can be applied on site or at our Locomotive Shop.  

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